Shop your favourite brands now reimagined to be waste free.

Loop is a circular shopping platform that transforms the packaging of your everyday essentials from single-use disposable to durable, feature-packed designs.

Not so long ago, the milkman delivered reusable bottles and later picked them up to be refilled. Loop is the milkman reimagined - honouring our past from a modern perspective.

A revolution in design from your favourite brands - your everyday essentials are now available in durable, functional packaging that’s beautiful enough to display.

No more hassle from rubbish and recycling - simply drop your used empties back into the Loop Tote and schedule a free pick-up from your home.

In Loop there are no monthly membership fees or subscription boxes. Instead, you can set your favourite products to “auto-refill when returned” so that you have them available as you need them - the first subscription model that manages itself.

Loop hygienically cleans and sanitises the empty packaging you send back so they are ready for reuse, instead of ending up as waste after a single use.

The Loop Tote is a breakthrough zero-waste delivery system that eliminates wasteful single use shipping materials (say goodbye to that stack of cardboard boxes and ice packs).

Durable packaging enables innovative features and unparalleled design, so that you experience everyday products in a brand new way.

In partnership with major brands and retailers, Loop has already launched in Paris and the Mid-Atlantic United States. We are also in the process of expanding to other countries worldwide, including the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, and Japan.

Visit our stores in the USA and in France.


Carrefour is Loop's founding retail partner in France, offering a range of products sold in durable, reusable packaging, online and in-store.

Loop has partnered with Kroger, America's largest grocery retailer, as a founding retail partner in the United States.

Walgreens, one of the country's largest pharmacy chains, has joined Loop as a founding retail partner in the United States.

Loop will launch with leading retailer Loblaws in 2020 as the founding retail partner in Canada, offering products from President’s Choice and other leading national brands.

Woolworths will launch as Loop's exclusive retail partner in Australia in 2021.

Loop has partnered with Tesco in the U.K to offer you a selection of products in reusable packaging designed to last, available online from March 2020.


We’re committed to eliminating the idea of waste with products that are built to last - and our partners are too.

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